“Since my childhood, I’ve had a deep love for drawing and crafting. In my teens, I discovered the joy of expressing myself through music by joining the brass band.

However, after entering university, the excitement of new discoveries eluded me, and I struggled to find a job. Eventually, I ended up working for a real estate company. Despite the happiness of marriage and the arrival of children, I found myself questioning if this was truly what I wanted to do.

In the midst of this, I encountered alcohol ink art, and its beauty instantly captured my heart. Driven by a strong desire to try it, I embarked on a new and exhilarating challenge. With my husband’s job transfer, we relocated to Okinawa, Japan, in 2017, where I made the decision to wholeheartedly pursue alcohol ink art.

Initially faced with a lack of information in Japanese, I navigated through days of trial and error. Drawing inspiration from videos by international artists, I honed my skills through self-learning. Engaging with people through solo exhibitions and workshops allowed me to share the joy and emotions conveyed through my art.

My pieces draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, including the sky, clouds, flowers, plants, and the sea. I express the energy of these elements through alcohol ink art, creating a world that transforms into a positive and cozy space in an instant.

Fast forward to 2023, I’ve relocated to California, San Diego, expanding the scope of my artistic endeavors and sharing the beauty of my expressions with a broader audience.”